The Cosmic Thief who is Terribly Bored



Tough +1
Savvy +3
Moxie +2
Will +3

Fractious and Petty
Dax – 1


Armor – Nightsky Fabric, Reinforced, 2 Armor
The First Stone
Space Condo (Tokyo) – Compromised
Shotgun (3 harm, close loud messy reload)
Sniper Rifle (3 harm, long AP reload silent)
Wealth – 3
Lock picks
Electronic Counter Measures


Love in Unlikely Places
Keeping Life Interesting


EXP 2/5



You can unleash an immense stellar flare (4-harm close/far area disruptor). Using this power inflicts 1 shock; if a second shock is gained during the same round of combat, you must act under fire.

Betwixt and Between: When you step out of phase with regular space-time, roll+Savvy. On a hit, you’re temporarily imperceptible to nonmagical senses, and temporarily impervious to physical harm. On a 10+, you can also take an object (or person) of about your size with you. While out of phase, you can interact with objects in regular space-time, but it takes focus: you’re changing the game.

When you step back into phase with regular space-time, roll+Will. On a 10+, you step back with no problems. On a 7-9, you step back, but you’re temporarily disoriented – take 2-shock now. On a miss, you’re trapped – and you may or may not still be imperceptible and impervious.

Eddies and Echoes: When you step out of phase with regular space-time, you are instantly aware of ripples in the past and future. You may ask any three of the following questions during the course of the scene:
- What happened here recently?
- What is about to happen?
- What is the most resonant or momentous event that has happened here in the past?
- How can I make _____ happen?
- How can I keep _____ from happening?

If you immediately act on the GM’s answers, you take +1-forward.

Arabesque: When you step back into phase with regular space-time, you may subtly alter the world as you reintegrate with it. If you do, roll+Moxie. On a hit, choose 1. On a 10+, you are also boosted on your next action.
- Name an object on the scene. You alter its function, replace it with another object you have access to, or remove it from the scene entirely.
- Name a character on the scene. You determine what they perceive with any or all of their senses for the next few moments (or 1 tick, in battle).

Shadow Over Water: When you go into battle, roll+Moxie. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. You may spend your hold at any time, one for one, to:
- Avoid all harm from one distinct attack.
- Immediately bypass a wall or other physical barrier.
- Name a position on the battlefield. You immediately cross the distance, before anyone else has time to adjust or react.
- Take someone else with you when you spend hold for any of the above options.

Kaleidoscopic Perception: You have a constant awareness of multiple dimensions, timelines, and possibilities. At the beginning of the session, roll+Will. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. You may spend your hold at any time, 1 for 1, to learn something you have no other way of knowing about any topic of your choice. You may also ask up to three follow-up questions about what you’ve learned. On a miss, someone – or something – becomes aware of you.


Team Spirit!: You’ve always got an eye out for your teammates. When you enter into a charged situation, roll+Team. On a 10+, hold 2. On a 7-9, hold 1. During the course of the scene, you can spend your hold 1 for 1 to automatically aid an ally, as though you’d rolled a 10+ to aid or hinder another, in addition to whatever else you’re doing.

Big Damn Heroes: You have a knack for showing up at exactly the right time. At the beginning of the session, roll+Moxie. On a hit, hold 1. You can spend your hold at any time to show up on the scene, with just the right tools or knowledge for the job, with or without any clear explanation for how you got there. On a 10+, take +1-ongoing when you get there as well.

Ravens and Vultures: You are skilled at liberating, stealing, and bargaining for specialized equipment that’s often very helpful to you. At the beginning of the session, roll+Will. On a 10+, choose 2. On a 7-9, choose 1:
- 2-stock for a first aid kit
- Ammunition for a weapon with the refill tag
- A reasonably common weapon
- Somebody you were looking for
- A piece, part, or tool

For each thing you choose, choose one of the following as well:
- You stole it from someone and they want it back
- You owe someone a favor now
- You got hurt acquiring it – take 1-harm
- It cost you something valuable to get hold of it

Also Fitness
Two extra wedges of shock..


Adhara is a thief who fancies herself a little bit cyber punk. Her make up is ridiculous, colors so bright they are almost violent, and she is frequently caught in the bed of someone or another who has taken her fancy. She enjoys love notes, and selfies, and street food.

She fences priceless works of art because she can, and her favorite marks are rich old guys that definitely don’t remind her of her father.

Some of her friends seem to think she’s creepy, as her habit of appearing and disappearing with not even a twinkle always catches them off guard.

She only star gazes when she is alone. In company, she is about the rhythm of cities, a throb of humans pressed together and living for an ephemeral amount of time before they die. She considers Death to be her best friend; the only constant in every life, always by her side, always wondering when he’ll take her.

He’s cute, too. They play poker and she takes him for everything he’s got.

Until now, she’s spent her life shifting between, watching, making trouble, staying out of the light. Her new friends seem too… flamboyant… for that lifestyle to continue, to Adhara’s deep chagrin.

At least its exciting.


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