The Legion's requisite Italian secessionist and shapeshifter.


Cazio Bertucci, born July 4th, 1986 in L’Aquila. Probably played by Rafael Amaya in his biopic.

Bertucci, better known by his public “super-name” Avi, is really very excited to be working with The Legion. He can’t stress that enough. It is a wonderful opportunity, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he’s just so, so honored to have been considered for the job. The first member of the Legion to be recruited from Italy, he is a point of great civic pride in his home region of Abruzzo, at least among those who don’t consider the Legion to be an emblem of an oppressive, evil Eurocentric Eurocracy. He doesn’t actually make it home much these days…

Avi is a natural shapeshifter, able to assume the form of anyone (or anything) that he can touch. He favors birds, but that’s really just a style thing. There’s something about flying into an important meeting as a motherfucking eagle that appeals to him.



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