"Reformed" bio-weapon, a young woman saving the world out of spite


Harm 0/8 (3/6/7/8/9/10/11/12)
Shock 2/6 (3/6/9/10/11/12)

Tough + 2
Savy + 3
Moxy – 2
Will + 1
Team + 0

Fractious & Petty: Dax + 1

Personal Moves
Reputation (+ Moxy)
Crows & Pigeons (+ Savy)
Team Spirit! (+ Team)

Power Moves
Darwin’s Lathe
Reconstruction (+ Savy)
Redundant Processes (+ Will)
Changeling Link (+ Will)

Save the world, whether it wants saving or not, one little bit at a time.
Wreak terrible vengeance on the monsters and their ilk

CCT/silk gland – inherent subtle
Sub-dermal CCT/silk weave armoring – 1-armor inherent subtle
Internal Life-support
Wide spectrum vision
Stunner whips – 2-shock hand inherent retractable
Meat Tree
Fire-breathing Super Soldier Sample
CCT Trenchcoat 2-armor
Tree of Life Sprout
Mantis Shrimp
Saltwater Aquarium
Wealth 7

XP 4

_ +1 Tough (Max +3)
X +1 Savvy (Max +3)
_ +1 Moxie (Max +3)
_ +1 Will (Max +3)
X +1 Power Move
X +1 Power Move
X +1 Personal Move
X +1 Personal Move
_ Gain a permanent NPC ally
_ Gain a third Motivation
_ +1 to any stat (Max +3)
_ Recover from a debility
_ Create a second character to play
_ Retire your character to safety and create a new character
_ +1 Power Move
_ +1 Personal Move
X +1 Power or Personal Move, or Create Your Own Move
_ Gain a permanent NPC ally


Biology is my plaything, my tool and my burden, messy and beautiful, tiny and towering, I wield it’s power.

Parents: Monsters from a pan dimensional empire or meat puppet cultists, it’s just a matter of perspectives. Either way, MONSTERS. Never mind that no one believes me, never mind all the damned sympathy for their only daughters “psychotic break”. That said, Justin and Dorothy LaVere own a controlling interest in Exatech, a large bio-engineering multinational. At some point, decades ago, during their own rebellious stage, they joined a cult and managed to reciprocate contact with the Empire in Green. It’s unclear if they are even still themselves, but unlike what they attempted to inflict on Bridget, they were willing participants.

Demeanor: A bit angry, a bit cold, going to bloody well save the world, whether it wants saving or not.

Appearance: Grey eyed red head with an athletic build but a bit lanky, like a gymnast that hit an unexpected growth spurt. Her face has a hardness too it that doesn’t sit well on her mere 15 years. She has taken to wearing a shiny black trench-coat with a high collar.

Bridget LaVere is wanted in connection with the murders of Carol and Mark Hayes and the attempted murder of Amy Hayes who remains in a coma.
Clinic is wanted for multiple counts of practicing medicine without a license, felony assault and suspicion of manslaughter
Clinic is rumored to have cured hundreds of terminally ill patients and suspected of releasing at least one counter plague.

Bridget was not a happy child. Her parents were attentive, but demanding. Gymnastics, piano, math, science, languages, Bridget had many tutors and coaches, some friendly and distant, some forceful, all beholden to her parents. Some of the subjects came to her easily, as if she already knew them and just needed to be reminded, a hollow achievement, others were a struggle. She quietly endured her treatment, accepting obedience and drive as the price for the praise, love and attention she craved. There was, in retrospect, one thing truly odd about Bridget, not once did she suffer a nightmare, nor have even the impression of dreaming, not until she was 10 and the whispers in the back of her mind became more insistent, more intelligible, then the dreams came, or perhaps it is then that they began to be remembered? By 12 the whispers were a stream of consciousness, but somehow not her own. The dreams were vivid, histories of an alien empire, combat training, advanced biology and other, more esoteric subjects. As detail and recollection increased, control slipped away, with increasingly common moments where she would make a choice and her body would act, not in accordance with her intentions, but instead with the will of the ‘other’ in the back of her mind. On her 13th birthday, with her parents looking on expectantly and while enduring an extended bout of passenger hood, she felt her powers for the first time, and in doing so, knew herself and the extra nodes of super dense brain tissue in her chest, wrists and the base of her skull, nodes that had grown up with her but her abilities were quite insistent as being chimerical. Weeks were spent studying the nodes, and learning by watching the ‘other’ as it stretched it’s freshly activated capabilities, her powers, before, fearing total loss of control, she struck at the other, and through the drastic measure of severing her own spinal cord, prevented it from reclaiming her power before she had hobbled it. Later internal investigation and modeling revealed that the chimerical material was added shortly after she was conceived, and, that had things gone correctly, she would have never been truly in control, at best a human mind for the other to consult.

At this point, pretty much everything falls apart, for the first time in my life, I’ve gone through a nightmare, and when I try and tell mom, she freaks out. But not out of concern for me, no, she’s worried about the other, the plans and she insists that “we can still fix this”… that’s about the point I ran, but it was the smart run, it was panic, I didn’t get it yet, hadn’t internalized the totality of the situation. Which would be why I don’t really have a best friend anymore, why they will pay, and why I’m trying to make the best of things, helping people, helping the world. Brains, brains fix easy, minds, not so much, and the totality of the situation includes capture/kill squads that don’t give a damn who gets killed as long as the “weapon” is brought to heel.


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