The Legion's primary jetpack enthusiast and grenadier


Klaus Trumbauer. Born October 26, 1975 in East Berlin. Always played by Flula Borg in all eleven of his licensed and fully authorized biopics.

He built a jetpack in 1992. After a therapist asked him if he wasn’t just trying to jetpack away from his personal problems, Trumbauer resolved to always jetpack towards every problem, no matter the nature of the problem or the possibility that he might make said problem worse by jetpacking towards it. This culminated in his jetpacking towards a battle between Luciola and some sort of spider demon from the Spider Demon Dimension. While Luciola was exasperated by the interruption of her usual Sunday routine, the Legion took notice of his interesting technologies and apparent lack of survival instincts, and Red Dragon took it upon herself to train him in actual effective crime-battling techniques.

Klaus has no actual superpowers, but he is in very good shape, especially for a forty-year-old who’s spent most of his life recovering from multiple broken bones. He also has a jetpack, and grenades. He has grown very good at jetpacking towards problems, with grenades.



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