The Legion's "arcane expert", tragically apathetic


Iseult du Mourne, born December 31st, 1975 in Bordeaux. Probably played by Audrey Tautou in her biopic.

Mostly known by as her alter ego, the cloaked and cowled Luciola (“It is a variety of lightning bug common to East Asia. Please stop asking.”), Iseult has always been a somewhat reluctant superhero. She was initially a solitary operator, active in Paris, before Red Dragon convinced her to join The Legion in 2005. While she is well-known both in France and abroad, Iseult has tried hard to duck the fame of her fellows in the masked superteam community. Her public appearances are characterized by a deep and often exaggerated exasperation. The Luciola Eyeroll is a meme with millions of hits on Google. Youtube compilations abound of her dismissive responses to stupid questions.

At the age of thirteen, Iseult was pulled out of school by a woman she had no prior contact with and thrust into an apprenticeship she didn’t ask for. Her new master, who used the sobriquet ‘Arikel’, instructed her in all the most important things in life: high fashion, disinterested smoking, polite alcoholism, and sorcerous powers no mortal should ever be trusted to wield.

She seldom looks back.



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