"Always say what you mean, and mean what you say."



Tough: 0
Savvy: 0
Moxie: 2
Will: 1
Team: 1

XP: 4

Fractious & Petty: +1 for Dax

Power Moves

Source: The source of the sisters’ powers is originally magic, though they may also be psychic in nature (or interpreted that way by science. They were both highly empathic, perhaps one reason why they were isolated and protected by their parents.

  • “I Promise” : If Promise says, with all her heart, “I promise…” she is boosted on all rolls toward fulfilling that promise.
  • Empathic Blade: When you focus a negative emotion into an attack on another living being, name the emotion you’re channeling and roll+Will. On a hit, you inflict harm, and your victim is filled with the same emotion. On a 7-9, inflict 2-harm. On a 10+, inflict 3-harm. At your discretion, you may inflict shock instead of harm, which might be appropriate when channeling something such as fear.

Personal Moves

  • Consummate Liar: When someone else attempts to read you, you don’t have to answer their questions honestly if you don’t want to.
  • Revenge!: When someone important to you falls in battle (your call), pick the person you hold most responsible. You are boosted on all rolls against them, forever.


  • Find out who killed Wish and get revenge(!) on them.
  • Find out what the world is really like.

“I Promised…

  • “…to get revenge on the ones that killed Wish.”
  • “…to find Wish.”


  • A World War II German combat boot knife, given to her by her father.
  • A silver locket-compass that also shows the phase of the moon and predicts the local weather for about 12 hours, given to her by her mother.
  • 2 gold child’s bracelets etched with fairy tale images (1-Wealth each).

…Wishes and Promises…

Once upon a time, there were two girls, best of friends, sisters. They knew that they probably weren’t really related—maybe they were half-sisters at best—but they lived together just the same. They were the only children on the estate, but that didn’t seem odd to them at all since it was all they’d ever known. They had everything they needed, or wanted, and were always surrounded by family (even though they knew they weren’t really related family). Their parents were often away on business, but they had many “aunts” and “uncles” in the estate staff. Some of them were tutors, specialized instructors who were fair, but firm when it came to the girl’s education. They learned the usual, reading, writing, arithmetic, fencing, sharpshooting, and martial arts. They learned the history of the world and how government after government, no matter the original intent, fell to pettiness, greed, and, eventually, civil war. And they were trained, day after day, year after year, how to recognize and control their emotions and impulses, for it is with emotions that people are swayed, and when people are swayed, governments fall.

Wish was half a year older than Promise, but she always tried to act like she was years older. Wish was born on the summer solstice, and Promise was born on the winter solstice, or at least that’s when everyone celebrated their birthdays.

It was on Wish’s birthday that everything went wrong. That’s when the attack happened, turning the estate into something the girls had only ever seen in movies. Fire and explosions erupted around them, bullets seemed to come at them from everywhere. The girls ran to the safe room, just like they had been taught. It wasn’t until they got there that Promise realized that Wish was hurt very badly and slowly dying. Promise knew she couldn’t do anything to help, that was more of Wish’s power, but Wish calmed Promise’s panic. With all the love she had for her sister, with her dying breath Wish said, “I wish you were safe and far away from here.”

And that’s when Promise found herself in the middle of a city she had never seen before. She felt like crying, screaming, and punching at the same time, but instead, she channeled her emotions and said, “I promise to get revenge on those that killed you.”


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