Red Dragon

Commander of the Legion, unapologetic firebrand


Monica Price, born April 7th, 1964 in Cardiff. Probably played by Ayesha Antoine in her biopic.

The loose-cannon leader of The Legion and the longest-serving member of the world’s oldest SUPERTEAM, Monica is a major celebrity in the UK and abroad. She has her own line of combat boots, there are at least half a dozen different cocktails named after her, and she routinely does the talk-show circuit to keep the public aware of the most recent goings-on in the superpowered bullshit continuity.

Monica is blisteringly, unapologetically good at her job. The product of a military research project that included copious amounts of cybernetic and biological modifications, she has both an impressive array of impressive superhuman abilities (officially, enhanced speed, strength, and endurance, flight, and fire-breathing) and an impressive level of training in their use. She sometimes approaches her work with an almost lackadaisical attitude, as she has – in 25 years – still never found her equal in the industry of super-crime.

In her home country, her first year in uniform was very colorful, and filled with the media-savvy and bravado that helped make her an international icon: after the Legion defeated the Lambton Wurm, they were breathlessly billed by parliament and the English media as “England’s Finest Heroes”. Monica went on a whipping-tour of interviews, television appearances, and public statements openly mocking England for having to steal their finest hero from Wales.


Red Dragon

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