Harajuku's own superhero, Metajietai junior officer


Sasuke Amagawa. Born January 1, 1997. Played by someone very shiny in his biopic.

STARBOY often refers to himself in the third person, because if he did not, others might not realize that he is, in fact, STARBOY. His long association with Harajuku and Shibuya, naturally, means STARBOY is the most fashionable of all superheroes. STARBOY is definitely in love with Andromeda, but he knows how to play it cool, because STARBOY is a master of the ebb and flow of female desire. While the Shikayn are hella weird and sketchy, STARBOY is glad they chose STARBOY to be STARBOY – the hero Harajuku has always deserved and will always need.

It had to be STARBOY. Someone else might’ve gotten it wrong.



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