They said Swift could become anything, so Swift became a tree!


Plants. My character doesn’t have a super-cool or explodey (necessarily) power, but they do have the ability to summon/mutate/control plants.

Parents: One was a “I control the powers of electricity and the destructive powers of storms!” One was a “I have no moral compunctions about manipulating DNA for the greater vision I see!” (I’m unsure if this parent will just be a charismatic, amoral a-hole, or a charismatic, amoral a-hole with Mutant Powers of Mind Reading). They were part of a “benevolent dictatorship”, possibly a Jonestown type of deal, and they were very delighted at my powers, as food is the basis of control over the weak.

Demeanor: Swift’s very shy.

Appearance: Swift looks to be a young teenager/pre-teen, could be a girl (but no one’s seen Swift naked), and they’re sorta… off looking. Like, there’s something wrong with Swift’s hair and skin texture, and are they double-jointed? Why does that limb move like that?


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