Victoria DuLac

So Goth It Hurts


Tough: 0
Savvy: 1
Moxie: 2
Will: 2

Armor: 2

Team Stat: 1

Experience: XXXXX
(take an advance)

Parents Just Don’t Understand
Creature Comforts

Personal Moves:
Barfly: When you work a bar, crowd, or society function, roll+Savvy. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:
- You meet someone important or helpful.
- You learn something interesting or useful.
- You aren’t entangled, tricked, or conned.
- You don’t make a spectacle of yourself.

Consummate Liar: When someone else attempts to read you, you don’t have to answer their questions honestly if you don’t want to.

Hacker: When you attempt to subvert or gain access to an electronic system, state what you’re trying to do and roll+Savvy. On a hit, you get what you were after. On a 7-9, choose 1:
- You were detected getting in.
- You broke something along the way.

Hunger: 3
Malice: 1
cunning: 1
Incorporeal subtle

The Monster: (This isn’t a move, this is a central mechanic that you get for free.) You have a shadow-monster. It’s not necessarily a good thing, but it’s not 100% bad, either. Sometimes it helps you. By default, your shadow-monster has creature small 0-harm malice+1 cunning+1 hunger+1 incorporeal subtle.

  • Your shadow-monster is clever and crafty. +1 to Cunning.
  • Your shadow-monster is not bound to occupy a single place or form, and can split into multiple autonomous monsters. Replace ‘creature’ with ‘gang’.
  • Your shadow-monster can grow to great and terrible proportions. Medium instead of small.
  • Your shadow-monster is driven to frenzy by the absence of chaotic circumstances. Add boredom.

When you do things with your personal monster…

  • When you fight for your life using your shadow-monster as a weapon or a tool, add its Malice to your roll.
  • When you change the game using your shadow-monster as a weapon or a tool, add its Cunning to your roll.
  • When your shadow-monster is exposed to its triggering circumstances, subtract its Hunger from your roll if you attempt to control it, and add its Hunger to your roll if you let it frenzy. When you successfully control your shadow-monster despite a trigger, increase its Hunger by 1. If you allow your shadow-monster to frenzy, or fail to control it, reset its Hunger to +1. If your monster’s Hunger ever reaches +4, it goes into a maddened frenzy of mayhem, terror, or violence (as appropriate) for at least a few hours, you mark experience, and its Hunger resets to +1, as normal.

When advancing, you can cross off any Advancement from your normal list and instead choose 2 new options for your shadow-monster.

And now the moves that support the monster!

Inky Black Jaws: When you inflict harm, add your shadow-monster’s current Hunger to the harm you inflict.

Eyes in the Darkness: When you use your instincts, add your shadow-monster’s Cunning to your roll.

A Hunger to Swallow the World: When you suffer harm, add the Harm you suffered to your shadow-monster’s Hunger. You may add your shadow-monster’s Hunger to rolls you make to refuse to fall. If your shadow-monster goes into a state of frenzy from harm dealt to you, you can choose the first target of its mischief and/or wrath. You can attempt to either calm or further direct the monster by changing the game. If you instead let it continue its frenzy unhindered, mark experience.

The Dark Place Will Have Her Soul: When you inflict harm using your shadow-monster, you may choose to inflict mental trauma instead. If you do, reduce your monster’s Hunger by 1 and mark experience. If your shadow-monster has the devouring tag, double the mental trauma it inflicts with this move.

V(ery) I(mportant) L(aptop)


Real Name: Anna May Shrewsbury

Parents: Televangelist father, doe-eyed submissive mother. They’ve managed to rise above the poverty of their early years and are now happily fleecing the general population of their hard-earned cash. For Jesus, of course.

If you call her Anna, she will ignore you until you call her Victoria.

Father: Josiah Shrewsbury
Mother: Martha Shrewsbury
Older brother: Beau Shrewsbury
Younger brother: Earl Shrewsbury

Victoria DuLac

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