The Legion's new recruit, suspected serial arsonist


Catina Choi. Born March 3, 1997 in rural Madeira. Played by some exuberant unknown from Gangnam in her biopic.

The youngest, angstiest, and contrariest member of the Legion, Choi is the result of an experiment gone wrong on the part of her villainous father. She helped bring him down in a mostly-secret operation in Calheta when she was sixteen, and accepted an invitation to join the Legion shortly thereafter. Having been thrust into the limelight as a teenager, she has not always carried herself with the greatest dignity, and there is a certain public perception – especially in the UK – that Choi is rapidly wearing out her welcome with Red Dragon. In Portugal, as the nation’s most recognizable native superhero, she maintains a celebrity status, and her defenders are many. In the rest of Europe, she is not viewed with so much charity.

What specific evil science Choi’s father performed on her is unknown, but the results have always proven interesting. Choi is able to ionize her body, converting it into a plasma state – and, importantly, back to a normal apparently healthy high-functioning human body – when it is advantageous to her. For example, when she wants to burn/melt things, quickly transit through a conductive material, become superconductive herself, or do other things that various plasmas do. Shhhh. It all makes sense. EVIL SCIENCE.



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