Starting Gears!

All characters begin play with four items of your choice. These four items are defined by you, the player – maybe it’s “a battered old M-4 carbine”, or “a pair of super-valuable roller-skates”, or “a priceless locket passed down from my great-grandmother”. Your items should generally not be worth more than 3-Wealth. Things you might consider taking:

  • Weapons or armor.
  • Medical, survival, or field supplies of various sorts.
  • Trinkets and curios (that could prove very valuable as trade stock.)
  • Useful gadgets or tools. Everyone needs a hydrospanner!
  • Valuable secret information about someone or something.
  • Extra money/favors/goodwill! You can trade your item allotment for Wealth, one for one.

If your Powers imply certain sorts of gear, you don’t need to spend your item allotment on that gear. It’s built into the Moves!


“Wealth” is the abstract system reflecting your access to cash, equipment, blackmail, fuel, and of course information.

  • 1-Wealth: Represents a month’s rent, no-place fancy. You can buy some basic melee weapons, a half-decent mercenary bodyguard’s services, or bribe a normal guy for something not too dangerous to him.
  • 2-Wealth: Represents a month’s rent in a pretty nice place, a more significant weapon, a reputable mercenary, or small group of half-decent newbies, or the ability to convince a normal person to take a small risk to life or liberty on your behalf.
  • 3-Wealth: Represents a high-roller lifestyle if spent weekly, a serious, hard-to-find military-grade or hi-tech weapon, the services of a famous mercenary or small group of hard-cases, or finding a normal guy willing to risk his life for you.
  • 4-Wealth: Represents a high-roller lifestyle for a month, a serious, hard-to-find military grade or hi-tech heavy weapon, the services of a disciplined gang of veteran mercenaries, or finding a normal guy willing to take stupid risks for you.
  • 5-Wealth: Represents a down-payment on a persistently luxurious lifestyle, a serious, hard-to-find, military grade or hi-tech heavy weapon, the services of a mercenary company, or finding a normal guy willing to take suicidal risks for you.


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