Every character has motivations, obviously. Everyone wants something, everyone has an idea as to how the world should work, everyone has hopes and dreams. Characters also get Motivations, with bold and fancy capital letters to let you know that these motivations are extra special.

All characters begin with two Motivations, which can be as simple as “I want to avenge my dead brother, who was cruelly stuffed in a refrigerator” or as complicated as you want to make them. They have some nifty mechanical effects, too:

- At the end of the session, if your actions were driven in large part by one of your Motivations, mark experience. GM’s call, but you can lobby for it as often as you like.
- Attempts to coerce you – via mind control, mundane persuasion, or any other means – automatically fail if they would substantially conflict (GM’s call) with one of your Motivations.
- Many Power Moves are more powerful or more reliable when used in direct pursuit of your Motivations.

You can change one or more of your Motivations after any suitably traumatic or life-altering event. Your call what counts, but it shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence.


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