Power Moves

Every character has a unique set of moves related to their powers.

Powers, obviously, has a lot of possible connotations in this setting: you might have genetic superpowers inherited from your parents, or great magical talent, or Batman-esque training, or lots of pretty technological supertoys. Maybe you’re a space alien and you have special abilities because of Earth’s yellow sun. (Okay, probably not that one. You can be an alien, though.)

For your power(s), consider the answers to a few questions, and the GM will provide you with some moves to choose from based on that.

- What are your powers? Flight? Strength? Invisibility? Spellcasting? Empathic link with a superintelligent dinosaur companion?
- What is the ‘source’ of your powers? Good genes, supertech, a serum your parents injected you with?
- When did you come into your powers?
- Do your powers require the use of tools to utilize, enhance, direct, or inhibit them? (See: Noriko Ashida, Scott Summers, Nico Minoru, Charles Xavier…)
- Are there notable downsides to your powers? If so, what? Bonus points if they provide pathos and drama in your backstory!

Characters have access to all of their powers from the start. A character’s Power Moves represent a great deal of control and expertise – a character that can fly can always fly, and through use of Basic Moves will almost certainly have a lot of utility for their flight, but a character with a Flight-specific Power Move might well be able to fly through space at superluminal speeds.

Power Moves

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