All characters have four core stats:

- Tough: Your badassery, violence, toughness, roughness.
- Savvy: Your perception, reaction, quick-thinking, instincts.
- Moxie: Your daring, force of personality, spontaneity, creativity.
- Will: Your discipline, strength of principle, resilience to pressure.

Each stat corresponds to one of the Basic Moves, to multiple Peripheral Moves and Personal Moves, and will key to at least one of the Power Moves the GM offers you.

Stats range from +3 to -2, with a stat of +0 being roughly average for a normal dude.

To generate your stats:
- All stats begin at +0.
- Characters receive 4 points to spend between stats.
- A stat of +1 costs 1 point, a stat of +2 costs 3 points, and a stat of +3 costs 6 points.
- You can get additional points by beginning with one or more negative stats: -1 gives you 1 extra point to spend, and -2 gives you 3 extra points to spend.


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