Team Spirit!

Generating your Team stat!

Before the first session, characters generate their Team stats communally. Going around the table, every player introduces their character by name, look, and outlook. Then, take turns:

  • Choose character you think knows you best. They will decide your Team stat, from the options below.
  • Choose the character that you trust the least. They can alter your Team stat up or down by 1, at their discretion.

When you decide another character’s Team stat, choose one of the following:

  • You would follow them to the end, into the very heart of Mordor. Team+3.
  • They’ve proven themselves trustworthy, but you probably wouldn’t die for them. Team+2.
  • You’re pretty sure they’re good people, but you can’t be too careful. Team+1.
  • You neither explicitly trust nor distrust them. Team+0.
  • They’re either a fuckup, or they’re shady, but probably not devastatingly so. Team-1.
  • You know this fucker would straight-up stab you if they had the chance. Team-2.

You should also decide a few things, communally. (Don’t vote, decide.)

  • Who’s in charge? They get +1 Team (max +3) if you trust them as a leader, and -1 Team if you think they’re leading you into disaster.
  • Has there been a change in leadership at any point? If so, why?
  • Do you call yourselves by any sort of kickass team name? Like, say, ‘The Young Avengers’ or ‘The Runaways’ or ‘Team Awesome’? If so, is your “team name” well-known?

Team Spirit!

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