The Powers That Be

The Legion
The original government-sponsored costumed superteam, the Legion is based in Cardiff and led by Monica Price, better known as the Red Dragon. The Legion debuted in the summer of 1989, defending London from the Lambton Wurm, and have been a noteworthy fixture in superpowered bullshit since then. In 2004, the Legion expanded its mission from the strategic defense of the United Kingdom to cover the entire European project.

The Vigil
In the wake of the Lambton Wurm’s assault on London and the instant celebrity of the Legion, the United States set to work on recruiting and training their own costumed superteam. The Vigil was the result. First seeing action in 1994 during the second Kasshien crisis, the Vigil has had a rocky and somewhat tumultuous history, with its banner members frequently rotating and more frequently finding themselves on tabloid splash pages. In 2008, Foundry took over leadership of the Vigil with a no-nonsense attitude and a mind towards winning the respect and celebrity of other superhuman outfits.

Metahuman Response Division


The Powers That Be

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